About The Band



The band members are:

Dan Reynolds – drums, vocals (2008–present)

Ben McKee – bass, backing vocals (2009–present)

Wayne Sermon – guitar, backing vocals (2009–present)

Dan Platzman – drums, viola, backing vocals (2011–present)


The band originated in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Their genres are alternative rock and indie rock and they’ve been around since 2008.  They are with label records Interscope Records and KIDinaKORNER and their official website is imaginedragonsmusic.com



Night VIsions

Night Visions is the bands first full album. They are doing a tour right now for this album featuring these songs in the following places:



3.On Top of the World

4.Round and Round

5.It’s Time

6.My Fault


8.Every Night

9.Bleeding Out


11.Nothing Left to Say/Rocks

12.Working Man



EP- Continued Silence

Continued Silence is imagine dragons ep album. This album is what made imagine dragons big. There to most famous songs came from this ep. This album contains the songs:

1. It’s Time

2. Radioactive

3. Demons

4. Round and Round

5. My Fault

6. On Top of The WorldImage